April 5, 2016

GoodNewsNetwork Shares the Story of “The Boy with a Bamboo Heart”

Foster Father of 50,000 Gives Back After Growing Up in Poverty

Dr. Amporn Wathanavongs sat at his kitchen table with a glass of orange juice while reading the Bangkok Post. The Thai economy was faltering; everyone was speculating about the extent of the Tom Yum Goong Crash. Within months, the streets would swell with children begging. He needed to do something. Read More »


March 24, 2016

Asian Books Blog Publishes Article on FORDEC.

“Education is the foundation of dignity for a child and the hope of progress for a country.”

You are doing something at this moment that at least 774 million people cannot do – read. I am doing something that the same number of people in the world cannot do – write. How could there be a more pressing matter to attend to than illiteracy?

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