November 9, 2015

“Scars of a lost childhood” – The Nation features The Boy with a Bamboo Heart

DR AMPORN WATHANAVONGS is no stranger to the Thai media. The head of Fordec, the Foundation for Rehabilitation and Development of Children and Family, he has been extensively profiled by Thai-language newspapers, magazines and TV shows. He even has a Thai-language biography.

None of them have mentioned the trauma that Amporn lived through as a 15-year-old soldier fighting alongside Cambodian nationalists against the French in the early 1950s. A shrapnel scar on his hand bears mute testament to the ravages of war.

Now this chapter in Amporn’s life is out in the open, published for all to see in the first English-language biography of his life, “The Boy with A Bamboo Heart”, by Canadian Chantal Jauvin.

Read the full article on National or download the PDF.

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