Passport Optional: Dispatches from Chantal

February 10, 2016

Sometimes You Need to Pause.

Photo courtesy of Dennis Skley via Flickr.

On August 13, 2014, I posted my first blog. After more than 65 postings, hundreds of comments and numerous shares, I have decided to take a pause.

My first book “The Boy with a Bamboo Heart” was published in November 2015 by Maverick House Publishers. “Passport Optional: Dispatches from Chantal” reached people on all continents and helped me promote my book to audiences who would otherwise have remained unfamiliar with Dr. Amporn’s work and his foundation FORDEC. To all of those who have helped me accomplish this, thank you.

I deliberated for some time before taking this decision. It is counter-intuitive for me to stop. So I have decided to simply pause.  As I take my first steps on the journey toward writing my next book, I need to focus my energy. Once I have traveled further along the path, I can revisit my decision.

Until then, safe travels.





January 27, 2016

As February Approaches, We Look Back on Our New Year’s Resolutions.

Photo courtesy of Miguel Angel Pintanel Bassets via Flickr.

As January draws to an end, the gym gradually returns to its ordinary pace. New faces no longer outnumber the regulars who know to avoid the treadmill with the broken console. Life reverts to normal. The drive fueling the New Year’s resolutions wanes for a multitude of reasons – the icy sidewalks, Super Bowl fever and your dog’s unexpected trip to the vet with follow-up treatment.   Read More »


January 13, 2016

A Young Thai Student Visits the U.S. for the First Time.

1. Before you came to the U.S., what were your hopes, expectations, fears and wishes for your trip?

Before I visited America, I felt worried about my mother because I never have traveled for a month. I worry that my mother would be lonely or her health symptoms reappear or not. Before I came to America, I talked to neighbor to assist with care of my mother. When I go back I’ll buy chocolates to their children.

Before I came to America I imagine there are a lot of people, cold. I was hoping to collect experiences of living abroad that open my world to the knowledge. I wanted to meet Chantal’s mom. Read More »