October 19, 2015

The Boy With A Bamboo Heart Reviewed by The Thailand Life

Thailandlife.com, an award winning blog, provides an early review of “The Boy With A Bamboo Heart.”

“While the very first few chapters of this book will have you on the edge of tears, what unravels is a gripping cycle of misery, hope and inspiration that has you willing for a triumphant ending. It is in all essence a true reflection of human resolve, hope and the simple will to survive.”

“The Boy with a Bamboo Heart is brilliantly written, a compelling read that takes you beyond the beaches and bars of the Southern Islands, outside of the fancy malls and modern condos that reach into the skyline of Bangkok, and into the depths of one of the poorest provinces in Northeast Thailand (Isaan), where a hand to mouth existence is still common for many today.

Jauvin’s writing blesses the pages with a descriptive style that evokes a constant visual of Lek’s surroundings, allowing you to really connect with the way he sees and feels the world.

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