January 13, 2016

A Young Thai Student Visits the U.S. for the First Time.

1. Before you came to the U.S., what were your hopes, expectations, fears and wishes for your trip?

Before I visited America, I felt worried about my mother because I never have traveled for a month. I worry that my mother would be lonely or her health symptoms reappear or not. Before I came to America, I talked to neighbor to assist with care of my mother. When I go back I’ll buy chocolates to their children.

Before I came to America I imagine there are a lot of people, cold. I was hoping to collect experiences of living abroad that open my world to the knowledge. I wanted to meet Chantal’s mom. Read More »


December 30, 2015

Inspire our Youth to Dream in 2016.

Photo courtesy of BK via Flickr.

With the year drawing to a close, we are bombarded on social media with introspection of 2015, resolutions for 2016 and best wishes from friends and strangers alike.

My husband and I have returned from a trip to New York City. The main purpose of the visit was to take Top (whose full name is Sukrit Ratanadachasakoo) to visit the United Nations. Top is a twenty year old university student from Bangkok, Thailand, who we have sponsored to travel to the USA for one month.  We offered him the trip to motivate him to excel in his studies and to broaden his horizons. Read More »


August 26, 2015

Does Reading Matter?

Photos courtesy of John Morgan, Paul Bence & Pedro Ribeiro Samoes via Flickr.

As summer draws to an end, I realize that I have short-changed my reading time. There are many reasons: extended cycling trip, reviewing the proofs of my book, translating my manuscript into French and family visits. In other words, life happened. The more I thought about the books I have not read this summer, the more I became troubled by a single question. Does reading matter?

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