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headshotFor the first six weeks of her life, Chantal Jauvin had an identical twin. From the time her sister died, her mother told her, “You have the strength of two.” This has been a driving force throughout Chantal’s life. At the age of 18, her enthusiasm for words won her the Governor General’s Award for top French debater in Canada. By the time she entered law school, her grandmother had instilled in her: “Life is what you make of it.” Chantal took a year’s sabbatical from her legal studies to work in Japan. The experience grabbed her by the lapels and would not let go. The world became her personal laboratory―a place to discover how people live, love, and grow.

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Mention the word addiction or alcoholism and feel the unease set into the conversation. Substance dependency remains a taboo subject. Far too many people still believe it is a moral choice even if in 1956 the American Medical Association declared alcoholism a disease.

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boywithabambooheartcover All author proceeds being donated to FORDEC (the charity founded by Dr. Amporn). Buy direct from the author in U.S., Canada and elsewhere.
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Orphaned at the age of five in a small Thai village, Lek is thrust into a life-long struggle to find where he belongs. Alone and impoverished, he treads a precarious path, surviving the markets of Surin, until, at age fifteen, he finds himself holding a rifle as a boy soldier in the Cambodian jungle. Learn More